21 novembre 2012

Isabelle par Nancy Ellison - HQ

Sur Driver, Nancy Ellison photographie Isabelle en noir et blanc ... et l'évoque ...

Photo à retrouver sur le site de Nancy Ellison

Like a cat, she never blinks. Utterly mysterious and chimeric, Isabelle Adjani is truly one of God’s (and France’s) hauntingly alluring creatures!
Breathtakingly beautiful from every angle, she had this thing about being photographed head-on. She said she didn’t like the way she looked, but I was convinced her reason was far more convoluted and primitive: I think she didn’t want me to steal her soul.
It was as if she was dressed in veils. Like no other actor I had photographed, she appeared not to occupy her own body. Instead, she chose to exist only in some secret cranial location, more voyeur than participant.
Isabelle came by the house to look at all our material and she seemed pleased with what she saw, but she politely asked if she could “kill a few.” Then, sitting on the floor like a little girl doing cut-outs, she proceeded to happily “kill” her slides into tiny pieces—actually singing to herself as she cut.
After she made confetti of the “fallen” images, she saved them in a plastic baggie—her party favor after a pleasant day at the beach.
Nancy  Ellison
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