31 mars 2012

Ishkq in paris sortira le ...

Un article du site boolywoodhungama.com nous apprend que les scènes avec Isabelle Adjani et l'actrice principale Preity Zinta sont sur le point d'être tournées... et ce même site nous dévoile la date de sortie du film...

La date prévue sera donc le 21 septembre 2012, soit un mois  après la sortie en salles du film d'Alexandre Astier (22 aout), la rentrée 2012 sera donc très "chaude" pour Isabelle, notamment si l'on confirme le projet de tournage de Ferrara en juin ...A suivre ...

Voici l'article :(utiliser le traducteur à gauche)

While Saif Ali Khan is still a few months away from beginning work on his action thriller that is an adaptation of a French comic book, his co-star of many films, Preity Zinta, has already kick-started her French sojourn with Ishkq In Paris. Though she has recently finished a 15 day schedule in France, Preity is now all set to revisit the country and rub shoulders with legendary French actress Isabelle Adjani.

"This would be a real huge moment for Preity and also some nervous moments for the actress since Isabelle is looked upon very highly in the international film circuit. As for Preity, since this is her first ever international collaboration where she is also a producer, she is going an extra mile to ensure that her liaison with Isabelle counts. Her first schedule in Paris to familiarise herself with the milieu and now that she is well versed with the culture and the setting there, she would be returning to shoot her scenes with Isabelle", informs a senior crew member.

Two time Academy award nominee and the winner of Best Actress in Cannes and Berlin film festivals, 56 year old Isabelle has worked in a mere 30 odd films over the years which have been made in French, English and German.

"It wasn't easy for Preity to get Isabelle on board", a source adds, "Working in a Bollywood-French collaboration isn't expected to come naturally to many international actors. However, Preity was quite keen on Isabelle as she really admired her work. This is where Prem Raj, the film's director, turned out to be a great help due to his international connections."

Resultantly, Prem made a few visits to France and managed to convince Isabelle into coming on board. Quite impressed with the script and her characterization, she said 'yes' to the film and readily gave her dates.

When contacted, Prem Raj was reluctant to divulge much about the French actress or her role in the film. However, he admitted that it was quite an accomplishment to get Isabelle on board. Also he promised that quite a few powerful scenes have been written to justify the presence of Preity and Isabelle in the same frame. "When you bring in two actresses of such caliber together, the effort has to be worth it", said Prem before signing off.

Well, we too hope that's indeed the case

Merci à Patrick pour l'article

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