4 avril 2011

Un nouveau duo pour Isabelle Adjani ?

C'est que qu'annonce le chanteur Alex Aikiu sur son twitter et sur le site paper spaceship.com

CMJ Exclusive – The Aikiu Interview at Hiro Ballroom
By Jaymie DeGaetano
Photography Santiago Felipe
When we last spoke with you, you mentioned a full-length album would be ready for release by early 2011…
I think it’s going to be more for spring or summer cause I’m just almost done with the album. We mixed two more tracks and we’re still doing some writing. And I got a lot of inspiration recently, so I’m pretty happy cause my record label is letting me finish the new material, so that’s cool. But we’re going to release a second track called the Red Kiss on an EP in mid-December with a video.
Will you work with the same director who directed “Just Can’t Sleep”?
No, we’re working with video director/photographer Rankin; we’re doing that in London in two weeks. We go to Paris and after London.
Did you come from Paris? Did you have problems with the strikes?
Yeah, it took ages to go to the airport.
Is this your first CMJ?
Yes. After CMJ we’re going to have a show in Paris in the beginning of November, London right after, then Berlin, Brussels, Glasgow. I also want to finish the new songs and think about the proper tour. It’s going to be more precise concerning concept and costumes and everything.
Will it resemble this photo? I point to a print out of our last interview with The Aikiu. It displays a photo where Alex is dressed in black with two skeleton-masked figures behind him. Check out the interview here!
It’s going be a bit closer to that, it’s actually going to be darker. That kind of same vibe actually.
When will your headlining tour take place?
Spring 2011. We’ll be stopping in the US.
Are there any bands at CMJ excited to see?
I’m not going to see anyone. I don’t have a lot of time and I want to see my friends while I’m here.
Have you gotten to enjoy the city during your stay?
Yes, fortunately. I lived here five years ago and this is my first time back. I wanted to see how is the city now and how it changed and it changed very quickly. I wanted to see that, the changes of the city and the vibe and I think it’s a little bit different.
How so?
It’s more like a luxury store. I think all the big cities are like this and it’s sad.
Where in the city have you lived?
Brooklyn – Williamsburg, BedStuy. And Harlem.
Will you have any French vocals on the new album?
A little bit of French on two tracks. I want to keep it exotic for the British, German, and Japanese people. *laughs.
Do you have working album title?
Tough question. I got an idea, but I want to finish the two tracks before knowing exactly how the title will be. I’m going to know by the end of December, I’ll tell you as soon as I know.
Will the album sound similar to “Just Can’t Sleep”?
No, It’s different – it’s going to have more Patti Smith influences, and be a little bit folkier. But you have to listen to the album cause “Just Can’t Sleep” that was the start. We wanted to do something kind of clubby but the rest of the album is more Kate Bush influenced, David Bowie, The Cure a little bit. It’s different for sure.
How did you meet band? Three members of Alex’s band are on stage behind us getting ready for sound check.
My best friend Julian Vichinievski plays guitar and Barnaby Nuytten on the bass is a very good friend of mine. Christian on drums, someone introduced me to her and we became friends, wanted to work together, but she was last minute. We’re all very close to each other like family.
Oh, I’ll let you in on a surprise!
There’s a duet with Isabelle Adjani the actress. I wanted to make a tribute to Nosferatu so the song is about the movie and she’s singing with me because she was the lead role in the remake. She knows I’m very inspired by ghosts and souls and spirits. I’m super happy, she’s one of my idols.
Will you be the Dracula in the video?
She is the Dracula. Actually no, we’re both the victims.

Merci à Cyril pour l'info

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Anonyme a dit…

Ben hâte d'ecouter ca, j'écoute l'ep depuis quelques jours, j'avais pas fait gaffe qu'il y avait Barnabé Nuytten dans le groupe. Bien plus excitant en tous cas qu'Obispo..

Anonyme a dit…

le duo dernièrement sorti marc lavoine et valerie lemercier est magnifique je trouve....j aurais bien imaginé isabelle à la place de valerie pour cette chanson...


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